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Gutter Guards East Peoria IL

Gutter Guards in East Peoria IL afixed to a home's gutters

Protect Your Home and Gutters with Gutter Guards in East Peoria IL

No matter where your home is located, your gutters will always attract dirt, leaves and debris. Although seasonal gutter cleaning is necessary for many properties throughout the Midwest, it isn’t always feasible for every household to keep up with. And if your gutters are neglected for too long, they can clog and cause further problems. Alternatively, investing in gutter guards in East Peoria IL can prevent most gutter issues related to clogs, overflowing and pooling water. Talk with Flush the Guts today about installing gutter guards for your home’s gutters.

What Do Gutter Guards Protect Against?

The primary function of gutter guards is to protect your gutters from catching leaves and debris, thus clogging them up. However, more crucially, preventing gutter clogging stops many issues that can occur due to said blockages. With gutter guards in East Peoria IL, you protect your home against:

  • Pest Infestations – As debris collects in your gutters, water can begin to pool. Unfortunately, stagnant water can become a breeding ground for several vermin and insects. And the more pests you attract to your property, the more likely they will make it inside your home.
  • Ice Dams – During winter, if the water in your gutters has nowhere to go, it will freeze! And when water freezes in your gutters, it creates ice dams. An ice dam not only blocks water flow for your gutters, but expanding water can damage them and cause gutters to sag or pull away from the fascia boards they were attached to.
  • Corrosion & Water Damage – While gutters are meant to withstand moisture and most weather conditions, stagnant water in your gutters can accelerate rust and corrosion. Additionally, if water flows over the sides of your gutters instead of down downspouts, you risk water damage to your home’s roof and exterior.
  • Fire Damage – Yes, gutters even protect your home against fires! During the height of summer, dry leaves and debris in your gutters can more easily catch fire (if additional fire sources are near). Preventing debris buildup in the first place ensures your home is better protected against accidental fires.
Gutter Guards in East Peoria IL keeping debris from getting into gutters

Expert Gutter & Exterior Services

Flush the Guts strives to offer high-quality gutter and exterior services to residents and business owners throughout the Greater Peoria area. With our expertly trained contractors, we take pride in our work and ensure every job is completed right the first time! In addition to gutter guard installation, we install your gutters and provide repairs, inspections and maintenance. Furthermore, our gutter cleaning services include preventative maintenance for your system, as we check and re-adjust water flow/pitch, re-secure loose gutters, re-caulk all caps and seams, etc. Or, if your home’s exterior has become dirty and stained, you can count on Flush the Guts for our soft-brush siding cleaning.

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If interested in gutter guards in East Peoria IL for your property’s gutters, ensure you have your gutter protection installed by the best; give Flush the Guts a call! To learn more about our services or request a quote, contact us today at
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