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We offer gutter cleaning, gutter guards, and siding washing for residential & commercial clients.

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Gutter Guards Pekin IL

Man installing new Gutter Guards in Pekin IL

Don’t Go Without Gutter Guards in Pekin IL?

Your home or business’s gutters are crucial to your property’s exterior. Gutters not only protect your property from water damage, but they ensure your exterior stays clean and water is safely drained away. However, if your gutters are dirty and clogged, they become less effective at funneling water away, thus exposing your home or business to further problems. With gutter guards in Pekin IL installed by Flush the Guts, you can keep your gutters clear, thus protecting your property.

What You Need to Know About Gutter Guards

If you have questions about gutter guards, what they can do, and how they help, Flush the Guts has the answers! As professional installers of gutter guards, screens and other protection, we understand what it takes to keep your gutters in the best condition possible.

  • What Do They Do? – Gutter guards fit over your existing gutters, creating a barrier that lets water through but blocks leaves, dirt, twigs and other debris. To this end, gutter guards help prevent gutter clogs, which can cause overflowing, ice dams, pooling water, etc.
  • Are They a Simple Addition? – Gutter guards are relatively straightforward, with plenty of consumer options for DIY installation. However, DIY gutter guard installation isn’t foolproof. If gutter guards are not correctly installed, debris will continue to affect water flow and clog downspouts. Professional installation ensures your gutter guards are attached correctly.
  • Do Gutter Guards Prevent Cleaning? – Unfortunately, gutter guards do not outright negate the need for proper gutter cleaning. Instead, gutter guards help reduce the cleaning and maintenance required for gutter upkeep. Gutter guards help save time and money, making gutter cleaning easier and more affordable.
  • What Are Some Other Features? – Besides preventing clogs, gutter guards help protect your home against pest infestations and mold growth. When debris gathers in gutters, it makes the perfect nesting areas for birds and rodents. Moreover, standing water in gutters makes for fertile breeding grounds for insects and mold. As such, gutter protection negates the consequences of clogged gutters by preventing clogs in the first place.
Newly installed Gutter Guards in Pekin IL

Count on Flush the Guts

The installation of gutter guards in Pekin IL isn’t the only service Flush the Guts offers. Alongside gutter guards, we also install gutter screens. Or, if gutter protection isn’t needed, we can install, repair, clean and maintain your gutter systems. Our highly-trained contractors guarantee fast and high-quality gutter services for businesses and residents throughout Central Illinois. And if your home’s exterior faces the consequences of broken or clogged gutters, we offer gentle, soft brush siding cleaning for all our clients.

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New gutter guards in Pekin IL are the first step to ensuring functioning gutters and a clean, protected property exterior. To learn more about additional gutter protection or Flush the Gut’s other services, contact us at 309-532-0094. We are located at 4224 N Prospect Rd, Peoria, IL 61614.