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Siding Cleaning Washington IL

Cleaner using a soft-brush for Siding Cleaning in Washington IL

Messy Home Exterior? Count on Flush the Guts for Siding Cleaning in Washington IL

Your siding can grow quite messy between windy days, freshly mowed lawns, and cars driving by. Contaminants like grass, dirt, vehicle exhaust, etc., slowly settle on your siding, causing it to stain and lose its curb appeal. When this occurs, you need quality and efficient siding cleaning in Washington IL. However, rather than count on harmful and less effective power washers, Flush the Guts offers the best exterior wash using soft-brushing and acid-free soap. Call today to ask about our siding cleaning services!

Why Choose Soft-Brush Cleaning?

Standard siding cleaning often includes power washing as part of the service. However, at Flush the Guts, we want to encourage homeowners to avoid power washing their siding. Not only can power washing be harmful to your siding, but it’s not as effective as soft-brush cleaning. Here are some additional reasons you are better off with soft-brush cleaning than power washing.

  • No Harm or Damage to Siding
    • It’s unfortunate but true; power washing can damage your siding! Ideally, a professional power washer should understand their equipment’s limits and be careful not to damage your exterior. However, accidents still happen, and the cost to repair siding is significantly more than cleaning. Conversely, soft-brush cleaning doesn’t incorporate power washing, offering a gentler clean.
  • Better for the Environment
    • Another disadvantage to power washing is its water waste. Large volumes of pressurized water remove all dirt and contaminants from your siding without much care for water conservation. On the other hand, soft-brush cleaning’s combination of water and acid-free soap uses less water than power washing, making Flush the Gut’s siding cleaning more environmentally friendly.
  • A More Efficient Clean
    • Most importantly, soft-brush cleaning is faster and more efficient than standard power washing. Rather than spending countless hours “blasting” your siding with pressurized water, soft-brush cleaning uses non-toxic cleaning chemicals to break up contaminants, followed by soft-brushing to remove every spot. The additional wash prep contributes to better cleaning and quicker work of stained siding.
Worker pulling leaves out of gutter for gutter cleaning in Washington IL

Work with Local Gutter Experts

Alongside siding cleaning in Washington IL, Flush the Guts specializes in all gutter products and services. For over a decade, we’ve offered residents of the Greater Peoria area gutter services from highly trained and certified professionals. In addition to our standard gutter installation, repair and cleaning, we perform preventative maintenance to re-caulk seals and caps, reattach misaligned gutters, and more. And for protecting your gutters, Flush the Guts can provide gutter protection with new guards and screens.

Give Us a Call

If concerned about the cleanliness of your home’s exterior, hire Flush the Guts today for our gentle, soft-brush siding cleaning in Washington IL. To learn more about our services or request a quote, contact us today at 309-532-0094. We are located at 4224 N Prospect Rd, Peoria, IL 61614.