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Gutter Screens East Peoria IL

A home's gutters with new Gutter Screens in East Peoria IL

Find Professionals for Help Installing Gutter Screens in East Peoria IL

As any Midwesterner will tell you, weather in the Midwest United States can be unpredictable! Torrential downpours, extreme winds, freezing temperatures, and blistering heat are all common weather conditions in a given year (sometimes within the same month!). As such, Central Illinois residents protect their homes’ exteriors with gutters. However, while your gutters protect your homes, what’s preventing your gutters from clogging? Leave it to Flush the Guts to install protective gutter screens for East Peoria IL properties.

What You Need to Know About Gutter Screens

Although gutter screens are incredibly effective at keeping leaves and debris out of gutters, they alone can’t replace standard gutter care and maintenance. Instead, gutter screens and guards give your gutters an edge and can prolong the need for consistent cleaning and upkeep.

  • Less Cleaning is Necessary – While gutter screens keep your gutters from clogging, debris can still build up over your screens and disrupt water flow. Ultimately, you’ll still require gutter cleaning. However, adding gutter screens can reduce a seasonal need for gutter cleaning to a thorough cleaning once a year.
  • Professional Installation is Beneficial – The same as homeowners like to take gutter cleaning into their own hands, installing gutter screens is something many individuals attempt DIY. However, if a gutter screen is installed incorrectly, it can have the opposite effect of preventing clogs, becoming the problem itself! Professional installation is best to ensure your gutter guards and screens function as expected.
  • Gutter Screens Offer Excellent Protection – Preventing clogs in your gutters is the crux of your gutter screens’ function. However, by stopping debris from building up in your gutters, your gutter screens provide several additional protections, including:
    • Deter pests and insects
    • Prevent ice dam buildup
    • Slow rust/corrosion
    • Stop water damage
    • Prevent expensive gutter repairs
A technician adjusting a gutter system in East Peoria IL

Flush The Guts’ Additional Gutter Services

If your home or business’s gutter system requires more than new gutter screens in East Peoria IL, you can count on Flush the Guts for additional gutter and exterior services! In addition to the standard gutter installation and repair we provide, our gutter cleaning services include preventative maintenance! While cleaning your gutters, we check your gutters’ pitch and water flow, ensure your gutters are attached to the fascia board, re-caulk leaky seams, and more. Also, if your home’s exterior requires a wash, Flush the Guts offers our gentle, soft-brush siding cleaning.

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For the best gutter protection, trust the experts at Flush the Guts to install your gutter screens in East Peoria IL. To learn more about our services or request a quote, contact us today at 309-532-0094. We are located at 4224 N Prospect Rd, Peoria, IL 61614.