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We offer gutter cleaning, gutter guards, and siding washing for residential & commercial clients.

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Siding Cleaning East Peoria IL

A man using a soft brush for Siding Cleaning in East Peoria IL

Beautify Your Home’s Exterior with Siding Cleaning in East Peoria IL

As any homeowner knows, keeping your house clean can be exhausting! However, while doing your best to keep your home’s interior spotless, what are you doing for your property’s exterior? In truth, your siding can become stained by car exhaust, lawn clippings, and dirt/debris blown up against it. And without the right tools and equipment, it can be challenging to wash your home’s siding. Thankfully, Flush the Guts can assist with our soft-brush siding cleaning for East Peoria IL homes.

Why Choose Soft-Brush Siding Cleaning?

You’ve likely seen a dozen advertisements for local “home cleaners” with power washers offering their services. But before you commit to having your home’s siding power washed, it’s worth knowing why homeowners prefer soft-brush cleaning. Compared to power washing, soft-brush siding cleaning is:

  • Less Harmful to Your Home
    • While you assume the cleaners you hire will understand how to operate their equipment, power washers can be tricky to use with siding. With too much pressure, you can clean more than dirt off your home’s exterior, chipping paint and sometimes cracking, denting and putting holes in siding. Conversely, soft-brush cleaning is gentle and doesn’t risk damaging the siding.
  • More Effective at Removing Stains
    • Pressurized water can only do so much to remove dirt and stains from your siding. Unfortunately, power washing isn’t always as thorough as you might expect. Thankfully, soft-brush cleaning can make up for power washing’s shortcomings. Soft-brush siding cleaning utilizes non-toxic chemicals to dissolve contaminants first, making washing easier with less abrasive equipment.
  • More Cost-Effective
    • It might not be a surprise that keeping your siding in one piece is much more cost-effective than risking damage with a pressure washer. Flush the Gut’s siding cleaning in East Peoria IL is affordable without damaging your siding. Not to mention, soft-brush cleaning is faster than standard power washing, meaning you’ll spend less money on labor costs.
A man cleaning gutters in East Peoria IL

Our Gutter Services

While you can expect exceptional siding cleaning from Flush the Guts, exterior washing is not what our team specializes in. At Flush the Guts, we are experts in all things gutter-related! We can do everything from repairing gutter systems to installing gutter protection for your gutters. In particular, our gutter cleaning services not only thoroughly clean and unclog your gutters, but we re-adjust your gutters’ pitch, reattach gutters to the fascia board, re-caulk leaky seams, and more.

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When you’re tired of looking at your home’s dirty exterior, find quick and affordable siding cleaning in East Peoria IL with the professionals at Flush the Guts. To learn more about our services or request a quote, contact us today at 309-532-0094. We are located at 4224 N Prospect Rd, Peoria, IL 61614.