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Siding Cleaning Dunlap IL

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Improve Your Home’s Curb Appeal with Siding Cleaning in Dunlap IL

Like anything left outside for too long, your home’s exterior will inevitably become dirty! Whether due to car exhaust from your family’s vehicles or grass clippings hitting your home’s side during mowing, your siding is easy to stain. However, just as easy as it is to dirty, your siding is also easy to clean (with the right tools and equipment). And when it comes to gentle, quality siding cleaning in Dunlap IL, no one does it better than Flush the Guts.

The Advantages of Soft-Brush Cleaning

Most commonly, siding cleaning companies rely on power washers to provide service. While pressure washing can do the job, it’s not nearly as fast and effective as other cleaning techniques. Not to mention, there are risks involved in pressure washing. For these reasons, Flush the Guts sets itself apart by offering soft-brush siding cleaning. Soft-brush cleaning offers advantages over pressure washing, such as:

  • Less Risk of Damage – Although power washing is effective for cleaning your home’s exterior, it risks damaging your siding more than other cleaning methods. If operators aren’t careful, the pressure behind power washing can strip paint and put holes and cracks in siding. Conversely, soft-brush siding has no such issues, as it avoids pressure washing altogether.
  • Environmentally Friendly – Power washing can take a significant amount of water to complete. And for those conscious of the environment and water conservation, pressure washing is a massive waste of water. Thankfully, with soft-brush cleaning, water is used sparingly but effectively.
  • Greater Cleaning Potential – Unfortunately, power washing isn’t as thorough as you’d expect. Even with various cleaning products, power washing can leave your siding “cleaner” but spotty. On the other hand, soft-brush cleaning uses non-toxic chemicals to break up dirt and toxins, making it easier for brushing to remove contaminants.
  • Less Expensive – While power washing might not seem expensive, all it takes is a bad job to cost you big. Repairing or replacing siding broken by a pressure washer can be expensive. And if a power washer relies on your own water supply to function, your water bill will take a hit. But, with soft-brush cleaning, you don’t have to worry about breaking siding, and water usage is vastly reduced.
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The Area’s Trusted Gutter Professionals

For as long as Flush the Guts has served the Greater Peoria Area, we’ve offered the best gutter services backed by our trained and experienced gutter professionals. We aim to assist residents or businesses struggling to maintain their gutter systems and property exteriors. To this end, in addition to our siding cleaning for Dunlap IL, we offer exceptional gutter installation, repair and maintenance services. Our gutter cleaning is unmatched, as we go above and beyond for every job, providing preventative maintenance services other companies might charge you extra for.

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With fast, affordable and gentle soft-brush siding cleaning in Dunlap IL, you can be confident in your home’s beautiful exterior! To learn more about Flush the Guts’ additional services or request a quote, contact us today at 309-532-0094. We are located at 4224 N Prospect Rd, Peoria, IL 61614.